VoIP Services

As an ITSP (internet telephone service provider) Sunset Telecom Inc. can offers a range of VoIP services. Our position as a small business VoIP provider gives us the unique ability to build customized plans for our customer’s needs. Our reviews ensure that our customers have efficient and effective phone servers with a reasonable monthly bill.

Our VoIP products include: Hosted phone, hosted PBX, hosted phone system, cloud phone, cloud PBX, cloud phones system, VoIP line, SIP line, SIP trunk, unlimited call paths, metered call path, minute bundles, toll free, voicemail to text, DIDs, E911, and remote locations.

VoIP and Phone Service Providers

VoIP (voice over internet protocol) can be an overused term in the Telecom Industry. The reason is twofold: sales and infrastructure. Our Telecom infrastructure has undergone drastic changes over the years and reality is that most calls are routed with some form of VoIP. It is unavoidable. VoIP is also a buzz word that draws potential telecom customers. My advice is to understand the product and service you are buying. VoIP products and services always have a more accurate description over VoIP. So ask questions…How is my phone service being delivered? How do I connect phones? Who provides the phones? Then get another opinion.

Contact us if you have questions about any of our IP phone systems. We proudly serve clients throughout Los Angeles, California, and the surrounding areas.